How should I transition my dog to a plant-based diet?

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Transitioning your dog to a new diet is something to ideally do slowly and thoughtfully, regardless of the diet or formula. Food impacts dogs’ microbiomes - i.e. the bacteria that naturally live in their gut - and transitioning diets slowly allows the microbiome to adapt to a new nutrient profile. For most dogs, a transition period of 7-10 days is adequate time to adjust. Petaluma customers receive include a transition booklet with their first order.

Something that surprises many dog owners is that our plant-based formula has a very similar nutrition profile - and likely even more protein - than the meat-inclusive diet they are currently feeding. For example, our food contains slightly more protein and healthy fat than the typical Blue Buffalo kibble, and a transition is usually quite seamless. 

The main caveat here is for dogs on a very meat-heavy diet. Transitioning from a largely raw meat diet to Petaluma’s baked food with a fair amount of dietary fiber (which is not present in meat) and plant protein can be a pretty significant change. Dietary fiber is largely broken down by certain strains of gut bacteria, and the microbiome can take up to a month to adjust. We would advise a much slower transition period (small amounts of Petaluma added over weeks) to allow the dog’s digestive system to acclimate to the change.

Learn more about how to transition your dog to Petaluma below:

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