OUR FOOD IS SLOW-ROASTED IN AN OVEN Our whole food ingredients are mixed into dough rolled into bites, and baked for 10-20 minutes in a solar-powered convection oven.
TRADITIONAL KIBBLE IS RAPIDLY PRESSURE-COOKED Typical ingredients must be dried and ground into powder before being pushed through a tube and steam-cooked at extremely high pressure for less than 60 seconds.
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Traditional Kibble TRADITIONAL
TOASTED CLUSTERS Each bite is formed with unique texture and flavor with chunks of carrots, oats, parsley, and nuts. Yummy!
BROWN & ROUND All ingredients must be ground into a fine powder, creating a uniform texture and flavor. Yawn.
LOW GLYCEMIC Maintains lower glycemic index with a balance of slow-and fast-release carbohydrates
HIGH GLYCEMIC Increases glycemic index by converting all starches into a fast-release "gelatinized" form
RICH OMEGA-3 Low degradation and oxidation of omega-3 and omega-6 fats
OXIDIZED FATS High degradation and oxidation of omega-3 and omega-6 fats
COOKED MEDIUM RARE Heat gradient cooks from "outside-in", creating browned edge and toasted flavor but less heat exposure at the center
COOKED WELL DONE Pressure cooks from "inside-out" with browning and high heat exposure distributed throughout the entire kibble
NATURALLY TASTY Baking accentuates the natural flavors in our tasty ingredients like peanut butter and sweet potato - no flavor powder needed!
ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED Sprayed with fat and flavor powders after cooking to replace the natural flavor cooked out during processing
BAKED WITHSOLAR POWER Get all the flavor with none of the greenhouse gas. Our food is made in a solar-powered bakery that radically reduces our climate impact.
MADE SLOWLY, EATEN QUICKLY We prioritize quality over speed by sourcing only nutritious ingredients and investing in a small-batch baking process. Because that is how food should be made.
TRADITIONAL KIBBLE CUTS CORNERS Much like fast food, kibble trades efficiency and profit for quality. Only 20% of traditional kibble's cost - often <$0.25 per pound - goes towards ingredients and high-pressure processing. You can't buy good ingredients with a quarter.
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