Tips for your dog to live a healthy & sustainable life

Guest post from our friends at Dogdrop

Dogs are just like us in many ways. They love attention, hanging out with friends, and most importantly – they need exercise and a healthy diet to live a long and healthy life. Giving your dog a well-balanced life doesn’t have to be hard. We’re here to give you some tips on how to balance exercise, socialization, and a sustainable diet for your dog.


How To Ensure Your Dog Gets Their Daily Exercise

Daily dog exercise helps them stay in good shape, stimulate their mind, ward off boredom, and reduce unnecessary barking and anxiety-behaviors. Dog exercise goes beyond just physical exercise like hikes and walks. It can mentally stimulating exercises as well such as brain puzzles.

Playing tug-of-war with an interactive dog toy is a great way to bond with your dog while getting a workout and working on impulse control.


How To Socialize a Dog

A way of socializing your dog is by taking them outdoors every day so they get accustomed to their surroundings. Whether it be on a neighborhood walk, a dog park, or a doggie daycare, socializing with other dogs and people will help your pup ease into new situations and develop confidence.

It’s understandable that not every dog parent can fit playtime at a dog park into their busy schedule. That’s where doggie daycares come in. Doggie daycares like Dogdrop in Los Angeles, are the perfect place for your dog to receive great care while socializing and exercising both physically and mentally.

How To Feed Your Dog a Sustainable Diet

Perhaps the most important way of ensuring your dog lives a long and healthy life is by watching what they eat. The pet food industry uses byproducts and factory-farmed animal ingredients that harm the planet and are low-quality for your dog. Feeding your dog a balanced diet with a transparent ingredient label is the best way to know that what is going inside your pup is beneficial to their health.

Petaluma’s baked and plant-based dog food is the perfect alternative to conventional dog food. Their natural dog food is formulated with over 50% organic ingredients and a mix of plant-based protein sources, including organic chickpeas, peanuts, brown rice, yeast, and more. This takes dog nutrition to a whole new level of pet wellness so that your dog can live a healthy, sustainable life.

How To Balance All of These

Dogs thrive off of routine. The predictability of a routine helps ease dogs with anxiety and enables them to be more successful as they do not have to have concerns over not knowing when their food will come or when they will get to go outside.  

Though life happens, it’s best to set a feeding schedule for your pup as well as outline a time for daily physical and mental exercise. 

Guest post by Dogdrop 

Dogdrop provides the best dog daycare and pet care service in Los Angeles. Their daycare provides a safe place for socialization, directed activity, training reinforcement, and much more. They have the best quality dog essentials for pet owners. Dogdrop is the best place for dogs to learn, exercise, and socialize to become happier and healthier dog citizens.

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