Try before your buy: Petaluma's free sample program

Petaluma has offered a free sample program since the very beginning, and we have learned so much about our customers and how sampling can be helpful in the decision-making progress. 

Here are three of the most common reasons that pet parents choose to order a free 4oz sample of Petaluma's baked food.

#1: My dog has never tried a meat-free formula before - how will I know they will like the taste?

Petaluma's products do not contain any animal ingredients, and there is a common misconception that dogs will not enjoy the taste as much without meat-based flavoring. We include plant-based ingredients that dogs got nuts for (pun intended) - peanut butter, sweet potato, carrots - and oven-bake each batch to preserve flavor (and nutritional value) without needing to spray on "flavor" like typical kibble. With Petaluma, we aim to change the perception of what flavors dogs enjoy, and we're confident that your dog will love the taste.

#2: My dog is super picky - I waste so much money buying full-sized products that they won't eat. 

We understand how expensive and wasteful it can be to find a formula that will satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Our sample size is large enough (~1 cup / 4 ounces) that you can feed your dog individual pieces as a treat or even try out different preparation methods.

Baked food absorbs water more readily than extruded kibble (most dry dog food) and we often nudge ultra picky pet parents to try soaking the food in warm water before feeding, or topping with a small amount of vegetable stock (if going the store-bought route, look for no added salt or onions). This way, your picky eater can try it out before committing to a full-sized bag, saving you money and reducing waste.

#3: My dog has been on the same food for a really long time, and I'm hesitant to try something new.

While some dogs can be content with the same formula for years, others might want to try something new. With our sample bag, pet parents can introduce their dogs to a new and nutritious food option in a low-risk and cost-effective way. You can be confident in your decision when you're ready to switch to a full-sized bag.

Photo of two sample sized bags

At Petaluma, we aim to provide your dog with nutritious, delicious, and sustainable food that aligns with your values. Our baked food is made with high-quality and organic plant-based ingredients and is free from animal products. We believe that our sample program is an easy way for pet parents to explore our products, and we encourage you to give it a try.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a scoop of our baked peanut butter-flavored dog food here

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