Addressing Common Concerns: Protein and Nutrient Requirements in Senior Dogs on a Plant-Based Diet

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As our canine companions enter their golden years, their nutritional needs evolve, and adjusting their diet can support their health and longevity. When it comes to senior dogs on a plant-based diet, understanding their protein and nutrient requirements is crucial. In this article, we will delve into the expertise of Dr. Blake Hawley DVM, Petaluma's lead veterinary formulator, as we address common concerns surrounding the unique nutritional needs of senior dogs. Join us as we explore how Petaluma's senior dog food formula meets these requirements to ensure optimal health for your aging furry friend.

Dr. Hawley has decades of experience formulating therapeutic diets at a major pet food manufacturer and leaned on his expertise in developing Petaluma’s senior recipe. 

"As a veterinarian and pet food formulator, I know firsthand how critical nutrition is in the overall health and longevity of a dog. A proper diet can help prevent (and address) chronic illness as well as support healthy weight, mobility, and cognitive functioning."

Understanding the Nuanced Differences

Dr. Hawley explains that while there are substantial macronutrient differences between growth (puppy) and adult maintenance diets, the distinctions between senior and adult formulas are more nuanced. Senior dogs have a lower baseline metabolic energy requirement and tend to be less active than their younger selves. Consequently, they require fewer calories to maintain their weight.

However, it's important to note that senior dogs still need the same, if not more, essential micronutrients. Simply reducing their food intake to avoid excessive calories could result in fewer micronutrients. To address this, senior-specific diets are formulated to have fewer calories per cup while maintaining high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. This means that they provide higher vitamin density per calorie, ensuring senior dogs receive the necessary micronutrients for optimal health.

Addressing Age-Related Health Concerns

Petaluma's senior dog food formula goes beyond the basics by incorporating nutrients specifically tailored to address age-related health concerns. One such nutrient is plant-derived glucosamine, which helps slow the degradation of joints and preserves mobility in senior dogs. By including this key ingredient, Petaluma's formula supports healthy joints and helps maintain your dog's overall mobility as they age.

Protein and nutrient requirements play a vital role in the health and well-being of senior dogs on a plant-based diet. Petaluma understands the nuanced differences in nutritional needs between adult and senior dogs, ensuring their senior dog food formula meets these specific requirements. With insights from Dr. Blake Hawley DVM, Petaluma's lead veterinary formulator, you can trust that your senior dog receives optimized nutrition for healthy weight management, mobility, and cognitive functioning. By choosing Petaluma, you're providing your furry companion with the care they deserve in their golden years.

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